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Florida From the Inside Out

We took advantage of a weekend following a business trip to Northern Florida, to reintroduce ourselves to the wonderfully diverse Florida panhandle that few vacationers experience. When you venture off the interstate and ramble along country roads, the sights and people are as diverse and wonderful as any in North America. Louie and I hail from very different parts of the country—she originally from Utah and Indiana, and I from North Florida … and we’re both at home in North Florida. We love the sights, sounds, people and places from Pensacola to Jacksonville.

The country roads from Gainesville to St. Augustine were full of rural surprises. None were more jaw dropping than this scene. As Louie and I approached this spectacular old farmhouse . . . . .



. . . . . we were initially drawn to the magnificently rusted tin roof blazing in the sun. This was one of those times when the subject was so awe-inspiring that few words were spoken between us. None were needed as the electricity and excitement in the air was palpable.

The watercolor, ‘Guarded by Elephants’ was created to tell the story

of our journey into the heart of the Florida Panhandle.

Guarded by Elephants

Guarded by Elephants

The original watercolor, as well as limited edition and signed prints

are available for purchase.

There are numerous websites that provide helpful insights into ‘off the beaten path’ places to visit and things to see in Florida. A few favorites:,Places-to-Visit.aspx

Here’s to kickin’ back on a porch swing,

sharing a frosty glass of sweet tea and a warm peach cobbler,

and remembering that “Southern is a state of mind!”

– Tim Myrick, storyteller in paint and prose


15 Jun 2010