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“Coventry Street Depot” Watercolor Accepted for Cleveland Artists Foundation Exhibit

Tim Myrick’s award-winning watercolor, “Coventry Street Depot” has been accepted for inclusion in The Cleveland Artists Foundation’s ‘CLEVELAND CREATES’  exhibition.

Join us at the Opening Night Reception: November 11, 6:00—8:00pm.

The Beck Center for the Visual Arts

17801 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio

‘Coventry Street Depot’ was the recipient of the Ampersand Aquabord Award in the North East Watercolor Society’s 34th Annual International 2010 Juried Exhibition. Tim describes the inspiration behind the painting in an article printed in the Sun News. A reprint of the article is available at:

Exhibit dates: November 11, 2011—December 3, 2011

Information about The Cleveland Artists Foundation may be found at:  and on Facebook at:

29 Oct 2011

Commissioned Watercolor of Admiral Yi Sun-sin

This original watercolor by Tim Myrick depicts Korean Admiral Yi Sun-sin* and his famous Turtle Ship.  Please see below for the continuation of the story about the painting, Admiral Yi, and Tim’s association with Taekwondo.

Admiral Yi Sun-sin Original Watercolor

The following images illustrate the process of creating this beautiful commissioned work – from original drawing to finished watercolor.

Drawing for Admiral Yi Watercolor

Underpainting 1

Underpainting 2

Admiral Yi Sun-sin Completed Watercolor

Artist Tim Myrick with Framed Painting of Admiral Yi

The painting was commissioned by Chief Master Michael Caruso and the Masters Counsel of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) in commemoration of the late Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee, who was a student of the life and history of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. The original watercolor was presented to his widow, Mrs. H.U. Lee, at the ATA World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada in the summer of 2011. This highly anticipated event also marked the first time in history that a new Grand Master was inaugurated at the retirement, rather the death of his predecessor.

Tim researched Admiral Yi’s life and studied all available images of him and his ‘Turtle Ship’ in preparation to paint this important commissioned work.

NOTE: In addition to his distinguished career as a graphic designer and award-winning watercolorist, Tim is a 4th degree black belt candidate in Taekwondo. He practices and teaches at the ATA Black Belt Academy on Miles Road in Orange Village, Ohio.

*About Admiral Yi Sun-sin:  “Admiral Yi Sun-sin was born in Geoncheon-dong, Seoul, on March 8, 1545. Admiral Yi Sun-sin was a preeminent warrior who was never defeated in at least 23 battles under his command for seven years. However, he was not just a brilliant commander, he was also a true leader who wholeheartedly loved his country and its people, and sacrificed himself to protect them. Hence, Koreans regard him as one of the greatest heroes of Korean history.” 

25 Oct 2011

Art informs life. Life informs art

Art stimulates our thinking and emotions. Art calms us or energizes us; it tickles us or enrages us; it causes us to think or to meditate.  Every time we encounter the beauty of art – whether created by humans or nature – we are one with the moment, and for that one moment we are truly alive!    – Marilou [Louie] Myrick 

25 Oct 2011