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Yellow Mountain City

Yellow Mountain City
Original watercolor by Tim Myrick
SALE $2,400.00 custom matted and framed.

“Yellow Mountain City”
Framed Size: 20” W X 24.25” [landscape format]

Reduced price: $2,400.00 * plus tax. FREE shipping/delivery within the contiguous United States!
High-end custom frame with double mat and wood trim.

Artists Story

I was excited about the musical rhythm of the buildings. The vertical movement in the perspective is countered by the swoop of Asian-designed rooftops, creating a counter-rhythm – in its purest sense like a quarter-note in a musical score.

As a musician and artist, I have always found musical notes to have a beautiful graphic quality. This painting took me back to my childhood – struck by the beauty of a melodic sweep of musical notes while playing the trumpet. The buildings moving into the distance echoed that feeling.

The figures in the painting were placed at specific points so that viewers can see themselves walking here. There is a sense of infinity that invites you to step into the past and walk down the cobblestone path in this ancient city.


When I began painting, I laid in washes to create a moody color transition.

The color moves from intense to muted, with textural variation, which creates a sense of distance.

Subtle variations in color in the cobblestone street allowed me to create a sense of atmosphere via waning color and texture, to create a strong sense of moving away – just as part of a musical movement captivates and intensifies the desire of the viewer to enter the paining and walk down the street.

The color intensity in the foreground is created with dry brush technique. – Tim Myrick

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NOTE: Most originals have been matted and framed in standard art exhibit materials. If custom matting and framing is desired after purchase, we are happy to accommodate your request and will provide a recommendation and price quote on request.

Price – [incuding 8% sales tax for OH residents]

NOTE: buyers in the state of Ohio are required by law to pay sales tax.

© copyright 2016. Tim Myrick / Myrick Creative, LLC. All rights reserved. Original watercolor by Tim Myrick

Posted by Myrick on May 26, 2016

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