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Quiet Waters

Original watercolor by Tim Myrick
6.5"h X 16.75" w

Artist's Story

This same tree was captured in my painting ‘Still Standing’. There is a significant change in perspective in this case. Looking at the tree in the immediate foreground, I was struck by its power and dominance, the dramatic lighting, and the contrast with the softness of the surrounding landscape. This tree had been standing guard over the lake for more than a century. It had been ravaged by nature – struck by lightning and burned by fire. I was inspired by the impact it has had over the many people who have picnicked in the shade of the tree and fished in the lake it stands guard over.

Tim employs masterful techniques in transparent watercolor and dry-brush, to create paintings with unusual depth and detail. His subjects depict simple pleasures, respect for nature, and the ability to capture the unique warmth and character of people and their environments.


© copyright 2022. Tim Myrick / Myrick Creative, LLC. All rights reserved. Original watercolor by Tim Myrick

Yellow Orange Gradient

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