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ABOUT Louie - and HugAnEccentrictm

Throughout my winding career/ life path*, I have been grateful for my natural tendencies toward creativity, problem-solving, and tenacity. These tendencies have also provided an abundance of opportunities to prove the adage that your greatest strength – taken to extremes – can become your greatest weakness.

My years as a business owner and corporate consultant led to a number of years as an executive coach. Through my own experiences and my work with some extremely creative – often brilliant – clients, I became aware that the people who are natural innovators and do-ers are often intensely single-minded – focused on goals that often only they can clearly see.

Marilou 'Louie' Myrick

These tendencies - along with a very common lack of self-awareness - often create a miasma of misunderstanding, resentment, and stress among their teammates.  

This was the beginning of my belief in the need to understand and support the creative eccentrics in our lives - and to nurture the eccentric creators within us.

Meanwhile, we can all encourage and support struggling innovators and artists – at every level of their creative journey - whose self-doubts create barriers to promoting their work and living their best lives. This is the spirit of HugAnEccentric.

Exntrik License.jpg

My license plate for the last 12 years


For more – and a link to a personality test for creatives:  
I’m excited about sharing ideas and stories – including some of my own creative projects - and I would love to hear about yours.
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