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First the introductions. We are Tim and Marilou ‘Louie’ Myrick.

We are, first and foremost, creators and makers. Our passion – collectively and individually – is creativity – in all its forms and applications. Having each clocked over 25 years in the corporate world - in our various business, creative, and entrepreneurial capacities – we now devote much of our time to our creative passions. We are busier, more engaged, and not incidentally - happier - than we have ever been. Primarily, we are beyond grateful for the love and support of our family and friends.

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Tim is a professional artist - with years of experience and recognition as an award-winning watercolorist. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, he devoted 20+ years to his career as a corporate creative director.

He now dedicates the majority of his time to his art, in addition to teaching art at the college level, creating bonsai, gardening and landscaping.   

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Louie's experience includes  a number of years as an entrepreneur/ consultant and executive coach. Her understanding of the need to support creatives, and to nurture the "eccentric creative within" led her to develop the concept of HugAnEccentricsm more than a decade ago.

She is by nature and experience both a writer and a designer, gardens passionately and randomly creates both garden art and sculptural fiber art. 

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ABOUT The Art of the Creative Life



We are excited to explore with you the many facets and the value of creativity, to share our creative projects and discoveries, and to learn about yours!

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