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The Art 
of the Creative Life

Welcome!  We're excited to explore with you the many facets - and the pure life value - of creativity in our daily lives, to share our creative projects and discoveries, and to learn about yours!​

There are a myriad of opportunities to apply our creative energy to many aspects of our daily lives – from the mundane to the truly innovative. And it is those great and small moments that bring so much joy to our lives -

and feed our creative passion.

The Art of the Creative Lifetm is a natural outgrowth of our increasing recognition that creativity is a primary driver in all aspects of our lives - from fine art and individual artistic endeavors - to home improvement, gardening and landscape design. It’s also a natural for the title of our monthly newsletter, and the umbrella over our other categories: Tim's Artwork, The Art of the Garden, and HugAnEccentrictm.

Like so many others, we had been conditioned to believe that we will only succeed/ be respected/ find happiness if we focus on one aspect of our creative output, to the exclusion of many others.

The discipline required to succeed – in whatever context that word implies – includes focus and persistence. However, for many creatives, who see the opportunity for creative pursuits all around them, attempting to confine efforts to one genre or medium creates tension and diminishes the basic joy of creating.

This is the spirit we intend to explore and share in the The Art of the  Creative Life newsletter. We hope you will share your experiences as well.

To join us on our journey through The Creative Life, you can follow our blog posts through the links on the left. You can also access all our categories of blog posts HERE

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