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Mourning the Life You're Not Living

But seriously... Is Anyone?

The images that inundate our daily lives have become so frequent and common that we aren’t always conscious of them – or of their impact. Many of them create the impression that virtually everyone else is stunningly beautiful, financially secure, and generally 'living The Life'!

Sure, many of us are not impressed - well, at least not often or easily impressed. But the proliferation of (often photo-shopped) selfies tell us that clearly too many of today's youth are measuring their overall success, progress, and even total self-worth against a complete Fantasy!

I wondered - are the potential long-term consequences as heartbreaking – even terrifying – as they appear to me? Or am I - as a mother and grandmother of young adults - putting too much emphasis on the risks and overthinking it (an accusation that has been levelled at me a few times; ok – often.)

Sorry to say that the experts, including the US surgeon general, agree that the impact of social media and extended screen use on young people is a serious mental health risk.

For more info and ideas about how to recognize and manage danger signals, I offer the links below… the first one for more information about the risks. The second one from the American Psychological Association provides balanced information about the risks and benefits of social media, as well as a helpful roadmap to protect young people.



* I did try to locate the original source of this uniquely elegant phrase, but so far it has eluded me. Anyone?

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