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Spring - the season of 'clutter chaos'

Updated: Apr 22

Early spring at our house means both the interior and exterior are complete disaster zones:

Garden clutter

-- the exterior because we're in full obsessive garden prep mode - in the midst of rain, mud, and various unidentifiable plant life. (We've mostly stopped the daily debate about whether emerging greenery is or is not a weed by agreeing on a 'wait and see' approach.)

-- the interior is utter chaos due to the increasing buildup of 'stuff' waiting to go outside or back where it belongs.

Plus we have barely enough energy at the end of the day to pop a couple tylenol, shower, and moan about our aching joints.

Tomato seedlings

And yet, we love it - every muddy, cluttered step of the way. We realize that rejoicing about the opportunity to dig in the dirt isn't for everyone.

It sustains us in so many ways, and we're grateful for the energy and health that it requires - and nourishes.

Weeping cherry tree in bloom

May the hope of Spring brighten your days!

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