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Welcome.. at long last!

Creating the new Myrick Creative website has seemed like a journey of a thousand miles - on one foot! What changed you ask? What didn't change is easier to answer... the name of the organization - Myrick Creative and the logo design. We chose a new host, platform, layout, design, and created new content.

Tim and I collaborated on the design and critical elements. I created the plan and did a deep dive to learn how to create a site using WIX, (with the invaluable support of the WIX support team). We thought we could launch in about 60 days or so, including loading the galleries with all the art images.

Oh, the gods did truly laugh!

Six months later... no, we're not 'done'. But we're ready. So ready to continue adding info about Tim's new watercolors, blog posts about all the forms of art that we create and cherish every day, our gardening obsession, and the authentic creative lifestyle we've embarked on.

We're grateful for your interest in our journey and artwork, and any questions or comments you care to offer. We want to know what you like and what you don't, what you want to see and hear more about.

To a creative and fulfilling 2023!

Cheers, Tim and Louie

NOTE: The image is titled Winter Into Spring. Sorry, it is not for sale. It was painted by Tim in 1986 - one of a very few abstracts he has painted to-date. He painted it as a visual interpretation of George Winston's composition of the same title, and it has great meaning and symbolism for us. It hangs above our current fireplace, as it did above the fireplace we were married in front of almost 35 years ago.

abstract watercolor. copyright Tim Myrick 1986
Winter into Spring

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