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    Original  watercolor painting by Tim Myrick            
    Size 19" high X  13" wide            
    Orientation: portrait

Autumn's Last Dance

  • Artist's Story:

    This painting captures a moment in time at one of my cherished local nature preserves. Each time I enter this area, I am surrounded by the pure sights and sounds of nature, and I can feel my breathing slow and my blood pressure drop.

    I am also reminded of my youth growing up in North Florida – in spite of the many differences in terrain and the spectacular seasonal color changes. I lived in a very remote, heavily wooded area with lots of springs and ponds, and of course I spent most of my free time hanging out in the woods and fishing in a creek that reminds me of this one.

    When we’re not working in or enjoying our own garden, my wife Louie, and I take frequent walks. We often talk about how very fortunate we are to live so close to Lake Erie, as well as acres of unspoiled nature.

  • Each original is packaged for shipping according to size. In most cases. they are shipped flat, sandwiched between rigid panels, and sealed in a waterproof mailing envelope. If rolling is necessary, your artwork will be shipped in a high quality tube selected to protect it in transit.                                                                                                      
    Standard flat shipping rate is $100.00 including insurance to ship an unframed original to any location within the contiguous United States. Please contact us for questions or for a custom quote to ship any artwork to another location.                                

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