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Original watercolor painting by Tim Myrick
Size 10" high X 15 " wide
Orientation: landscape

I'm Still Here

  • Artist's Story:

    This ancient relic of a barn captured my attention immediately. I saw the skeletal form of this structure and was struck by the absolute resistance that this barn was demonstrating. The skeletal structure was still standing, supported by massive beams that were largely still intact – defying the law of gravity. The light and shadows crossing the massive columns were incredible to observe.

    I also loved the way the sunlight hit the intact sections of the building. When, as a kid I worked in the tobacco fields, the barns were constructed differently, but they were all made to last thru the ages. These vintage barns are a legendary and nostalgic part of the US countryside. They remind us of long ago moments in our lives. In its skeletal form, this building is symbolic of hope and the beauty of aging.

  • Each original is packaged for shipping according to size. In most cases. they are shipped flat, sandwiched between rigid panels, and sealed in a waterproof mailing envelope. If rolling is necessary, your artwork will be shipped in a high quality tube selected to protect it in transit.                                                                                                      
    Standard flat shipping rate is $100.00 including insurance to ship an unframed original to any location within the contiguous United States. Please contact us for questions or for a custom quote to ship any artwork to another location.                                

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