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Original watercolor by Tim Myrick

Size 22" high X 30" wide

Orientation: landscape

*Framed 36" h X 43" w

NOTE: Price does Not include tax and shipping


  • Artist's Story:

    Still waters have always fascinated me. The gently rippling shallow water quiets my mind as I experience a unique underwater world. Daydreaming as I watch the minnows swim back and forth among the pebbles releases the tensions of the day, so that I return to the studio refreshed and energized.

    In this painting, transparency was of utmost importance – both in the application of the watercolor in transparent layers - and in the final interpretation and depiction of the subject.

    My intent was to invite the viewer to enter into an uncommon space that we marvel at, and to fall into the trance that I experience as I gaze into the world below the surface. The colors of the rocks and the dappled sunlight pull you into the shallow waters and invite you to follow the motion of the minnows as they move among the rocks.

    NOTE: Shallows was exhibited in the 2023 juried Paul and Norma Tikkanen Painting Prize Exhibition at the Ashtabula Arts Center in Ashtabula, Ohio

  • For framed artwork, we will provide a shipping quote based on the size and weight of the piece and the destination. 
    If you prefer to purchase it unframed, the price will be reduced accordingly, and the cost of shipping an unframed piece is substantially lower. 
    Please contact us with any questions or for a custom quote.  Thank you!

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