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Original watercolor painting by Tim Myrick
Size 15" high X  22" wide
Orientation: landscape
NOTE: price does Not include tax and shipping

The Roundhouse

  • Artist's Story:

    When I first saw this scene, I was instantly in awe. It seemed  functional but it looked like it had been obsolete for 20 yrs. The purple/ black muscular structure of the building, punctuated by all the broken windows and missing beams, created an immense and dramatic graphic silhouette against the sky. The train emerging from the structure impressed on the viewer the immense size of the structure. I knew I had to paint it.

    The roundhouse in the foreground was new to me. I later learned that it was in use to restore old railroad trains. It is one of the largest remaining roundhouse structures in the US, and a number of vintage trains used in movies have been restored there.

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