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    Original watercolor painting by Tim Myrick
    Size 10.5" high X  14.5" wide
    Orientation: landscape 
    NOTE: Prices do not include tax and shipping

Winter Stroll

  • Artist's Story

    After a winter storm, the snow had begun to melt in spots. Much of it was still clinging to the rocks and tree trunks that had fallen into the creek. White spots of snow looked like they were dancing down the creek. The beauty of the fresh melting snow and the sound of the flowing water was a tranquil experience, until two people walked into the scene and stood on rocks that extended 6 feet into the creek. They caught my attention because they appeared to be in danger of slipping into the creek.

    I have done the same thing myself to get as close to water as I can, in spite of the risk of slipping on the icy rocks. The contrast between the tranquil scene and the tension caused by their proximity to the icy creek begged to be captured in watercolor.

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