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Original watercolor painting by Tim Myrick
Size 24.25" high X 20 " wide
Orientation: portrait
Framed - 23"h X 28"w
NOTE: Price does Not include tax and shipping 


Yellow Mountain City

  • Artist's Story:

    Winner of the Sedona Art Prize 2016 The musical rhythm of the buildings was exciting. The vertical movement in the perspective is countered by the swoop of Asian-designed rooftops, creating a counter-rhythm – in its purest sense like a quarter-note in a musical score. As a musician and artist, I have always found musical notes to have a beautiful graphic quality. This painting took me back to my childhood – struck by the beauty of a melodic sweep of musical notes while playing the trumpet.

    The buildings moving into the distance echoed that feeling. The figures in the painting were placed at specific points so that viewers can see themselves walking here. There is a sense of infinity that invites you to step into the past and walk down the cobblestone path in this ancient city.

  • * For framed artwork, we will provide a shipping quote based on the size and weight of the piece, insurance cost, and the destination.                     
    If you prefer to purchase it unframed, the price will be reduced accordingly, and the cost of shipping an unframed piece is substantially lower.                     
    Please contact us with any questions or for a custom quote.  Thank you!                    

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