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Onion Domes

Original watercolor by Tim Myrick
15"h X 22"w

Artist's Story

My first view of this structure was walking with my wife to a local restaurant. Suddenly, this awesome scene appeared on a residential city street. I was enraptured by its presence on the local skyline. The onion domes were a structural form looming over the skyline, almost as if protecting the people at street level. I was compelled to stop and take it in. The visual power of the onion domes looming over the neighborhood and the people walking down the street made me think of the power of a mountain scene compared with the people walking below. It is humbling.

Tim employs masterful techniques in transparent watercolor and dry-brush, to create paintings with unusual depth and detail. His subjects depict simple pleasures, respect for nature, and the ability to capture the unique warmth and character of people and their environments.


© copyright 2022. Tim Myrick / Myrick Creative, LLC. All rights reserved. Original watercolor by Tim Myrick

Yellow Orange Gradient

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