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Updated: Feb 29

Derived from a number of discussions about creativity as the natural driver in all aspects of our life - from individual artistic endeavors to home improvement, gardening and landscape design - we chose The Art of the Creative Life as the title of our monthly newsletter. It's also the umbrella over our other categories: Tim's Artwork, The Art of the Garden, and HugAnEccentrictm. We're excited to explore with you the many facets and the value of creativity, to share our creative projects and discoveries, and to learn about yours!


Thank you for your interest and support. Please consider supporting our work by sharing the blog link. You can also subscribe to our Art of the Creative Life Newsletter, and follow our Facebook page. We are always interested in your feedback, questions, and comments - whether your interest is a specific artwork, a general question, or a chat about art or the creative life in general.   CONTACT US HERE

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