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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Completing this watercolor was especially significant for me. As a lifelong architecture buff - and Cleveland fan - I have always enjoyed the Cleveland skyline from different vantage points, but this atmospheric view was unique and it almost took my breath away.

As I walked up on the 10th floor terrace the city unfolded in front of me. As I took it all in, I was drawn to the feeling of the city rising out of the fog. It was a powerful symbolism because of the many struggles Cleveland has endured. When I saw the skyline with both the Key tower and the grand old lady - Terminal Tower - highlighted against the horizon, I felt compelled to capture it in watercolor.

Note: the original watercolor Emergence is available for purchase. Please inquire here for details.

Thank you for your interest. We are always interested in your feedback, questions, and comments - whether your interest is a specific artwork, a general question, or a chat about art or creative life in general.

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