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Four Seasons of Watercolors

Original watercolors by Tim Myrick

Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope you will enjoy this peek at a few of my seasonal paintings.


As I watched, the walker in the distance was engulfed in blowing snow. The remaining autumn leaves created a warm effect, despite the frigid wind. The contrast with sunlight glistening on the water was spectacular, creating movement into the deep space that I fell in love with.


As I watched commuters wait for the train at the station, what I found most striking was the shimmering light reflected in the rain. The lights reflected onto the railroad tracks and the trees made the scene so atmospheric and mystical that I had to paint it.


This painting invites the viewer to approach the stamen of a giant Hibiscus blossom and experience the process of pollination as bees buzz in to collect nectar. They are covered with pollen, which they carry from flower to flower, pollinating each in the process. As an artist and avid gardener, the act of pollination is fascinating!


This dynamic painting captures the sunlight and shadows of an autumn day on a 15,000-year-old ‘bluestone’ brook that originated when the glaciers retreated. It captures a moment in time that invites daydreaming – even on the coldest winter day.

NOTE: If any of these original watercolors speak to you, they are currently available for purchase. Please inquire here.

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