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ABOUT Tim - the heArt of an Artist



Painting is my chosen form of storytelling. Each of my paintings is an attempt to capture the essence of a particular moment and tell its story for the viewer’s enjoyment. I have found watercolor to be the perfect tool to interpret and portray the sights and mood that make the story of a particular scene so compelling. Recently, I rediscovered both my early love of nature, and my passion for capturing its warmth, complexity, and abstractions through my watercolors.             

My goal throughout my art career has been to create extraordinary visual statements that engage the viewer and compel them to step inside my art and become part of the story. I am proud and humbled to have been recognized for my employment of techniques in transparent watercolor and dry-brush, and have won a number of awards in national and international  competitions.

After graduating with a Bachelor of  Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art, I pursued a corporate career as a creative director for over 20 years, while continuing to paint and show my work. In addition to my own work, I have for a number of years, taught art at the college level. I recognize in many of my students the aspiring young artist I once was. I feel very fortunate to be able to support these future artists and designers to build their skills and confidence.


  • "Shallows" was accepted for the Paul and Norma Tikkanen Painting Prize Exhibition, The Ashtabula Arts Center, Ashtabula, Ohio, October 2023

  • "Pollinators" was accepted for The Ohio Watercolor Society's Watercolor Ohio 2023 Exhibition, July 2023


"Artist Timothy Myrick has painted this stunning watercolor with muted colors and wide ranging values but my attention is most focused on the complex, excellent perspective drawing underlying all, the engine that drives a fascinating, compelling composition. Throughout, the artist has maintained a feeling of atmosphere and intrigue, with the excitement of visiting an exotic place."    -Judge, Sedona Art Prize

  • Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition - "Retired by Time"

  • Ampersand Aquabord Award in NE Watercolor Society 34th Annual International Exhibition - "Coventry Street Depot" 

  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society’s 64th Annual Aqueous Open - "Step Into Yesteryear"

  • Exhibit ‘A Southern State of Mind’ – Gadsden Art Center, FL


 "Tim is an artist of extraordinary talent who has a tremendous drive, work ethic, generosity and strength of character that serves as an inspiration to all of us.”

… Grace Robinson nee Maloy, Executive Director - Gadsden Arts Center, FL.

  • Merit Award – Grey Cube Waters exhibit for "Shallows"

  • 22nd Annual Art in Gadsden Exhibition Award for “A Peek at the Past"

  • (The Former) Cleveland Artists Foundation’s ‘CLEVELAND CREATES’  exhibition - "Coventry Street Depot"

  • Solo Exhibit – UH Humphrey Atrium Gallery

  • Academy of Fine Arts Annual National Art Exhibition –  "A Peek at the Past" and "I'm Still Here"

  • Cain Park Art Festival - Judges Award for "Coventry Street Depot"

  • Exhibit - The Wonder of Watercolor  - Cleveland OH

  • Exhibit “The Nature of Things” – South Wing Gallery. Cleveland Hts, OH 

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