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"Pollinators" Accepted for Erie Art Museum 101st Annual Spring Show!

Friends, I am honored to learn that my original transparent watercolor, "Pollinators" was accepted for the Erie Art Museum 101st Annual Spring Show.

~ Tim Myrick, artist

The public opening/reception takes place on Friday evening, March 15th,
at the Erie Art Museum in Erie, PA.

The Spring Show will be open to the public through August 9, 2024.

More about Pollinators:
Note: Anyone interested in purchasing the original painting should inquire through the Erie Art Museum from now through August 9, 2024.

Artist's Story segment:

"This watercolor invites the viewer to approach the stamen of a giant Hibiscus blossom and experience the process of pollination as bees buzz in to collect nectar. They are inevitably covered with pollen, which they carry from flower to flower pollinating each in the process. As an artist and an avid gardener, observing the act of pollination is endlessly fascinating!"

More about the Spring Show and participating artists:

More about the Erie Art Museum

The Museum has a collection of over 8000 objects – a mix of local & regional art, + works by Whistler, Picasso, Stieglitz, Nelson, Calder & Close.

Please Contact Us with any questions. Thank you!

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