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A tribute to the sweet promise of May!

'President' clematis gloriously blooming

We're told that not everyone considers gardening an art form. In fact, there are apparently people who don't spend their long winter evenings dreaming about garden projects.

For us, gardening is an engaging creative challenge. It draws on every shred of creativity, resourcefulness, and patience we have. We love working together on every aspect - from landscape design and water conservation to planting, maintenance, and garden art. It's also our therapy - physical and emotional.

NOTE: We've been asked how we can afford to buy all those plants. We don't. Most are started from seeds or cuttings. Now in it's 9th year, the garden is maturing and beginning to resemble our original vision.

This spring, we also made progress on water conservation and added additional raised beds and containers to triple our veg and herb production... without disturbing the perennial garden.

The following are a few highlight photos from May 2023. On to June... so much more to do - and enjoy.

Beardtongue foxglove from 2023 seedlings
Astilbe in it's 6th year and 2nd location

Refaced and repainted window boxes

Maturing perennials in front garden

Calla Lillies

First blooms in butterfly garden

Tim's garlic starts - jar 1 of 12

Bellflowers blooming on the rock garden

French wall planter with annuals
Coral roses on front trellis

Red columbine from 2023 seedlings

Margaritas - a farewell toast to May

Here's a link to a previous Art of the Garden blog and 2-minute video.

Thank you for your interest in Myrick Creative and The Art of the Creative Life™

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